Dragon Tiger Game-Winning Tricks

A relatively new exciting game that has already become quite popular is called Dragon Tiger. This simple card game has fairly simple rules, but in spite of this, it has exciting and interesting gameplay. In this article, we will tell you more about our game, as well as provide the rules, after reading the rules, the user can immediately navigate the game. We will also attach the Dragon Tiger winning tricks and strategies for our game and we also tell you how to win Dragon Tiger game.

Best Winning Strategies in Dragon Tiger

Below we will provide the best techniques and strategies to help not only newcomers but rather regular Dragon Tiger players:

  • Martingale strategy. The Martingale strategy Dragon Tiger is that the player increases the amount of his bet, but does not change the betting zone. For example, if the user bets on the dragon and lost, the next round, he will also bet on the Dragon, and the amount of this doubles. This Dragon vs Tiger winning trick is done for 3 rounds, after which the bet amount is returned to the original bet. This strategy allows the user to minimize the chance of losing in round 3.
  • Suit-based strategy. Users should also pay attention to the suits of the cards. If the user will remember the suits of the cards, he can anticipate the suit that will be in the next round.  This will allow controlling the gameplay, as well as winning more.
  • Card-counting strategy. Count and memorize the cards that come out. This will give you a big advantage and also allow you to predict the outcome of the round. By memorizing the cards you’ll have an idea of the remaining cards in the deck and thus be able to anticipate the next cards.
  • Place Your Wager on Dragon or Tiger. Place your wager on either the Dragon or the Tiger. In each round, the Dragon and the Tiger have an equal chance of winning. If there is a tie, the user will get back 50% of the bet placed and will have the opportunity to place another bet. In a long game, bets on the Tiger or Dragon will save you money in case of a draw.
  • Keep One Side Clear. This Dragon Tiger trick involves the fact that the user should spend the whole game betting on one side, for example on the Tiger, and the other side must be kept empty. Also, if the user starts playing on one side, he should play on the chosen side until the end. This will avoid some of the losses that have occurred at the time of changing sides.
  • Understand the Payouts and the Game. Analyze the institutions that provide our game and choose the one where the payouts are higher. Also, before you start playing for real money, try out the demo mode, as well as familiarize yourself with all the rules of the game.
  • Don’t Rely on the Betting Systems. We also advise you to refrain from identifying system bets, as well as patterns. The best option for the user would be to heed this advice and enjoy the game. Because there are no system bets in Dragon or Tiger.
  • Never Bet on a Tie. This feature carries its entire meaning in its name, so we will try to prove it to you. The percentage of falling out draw is very small, so in a game session, which can be of 20 or more rounds, a draw can fall out 1 or 2 times, and also can never fall out. This is a very important rule that should be respected. Also, do not pay attention to other users, who always bet on the draw, they are either professionals or desperate players.
  • Understand The Game. Another successful strategy is the notion of the game, which the user gets by analyzing his games, as well as with the emergence of knowledge. The user should pay attention to the outgoing cards, the dealer, as well as his bets. In addition, the user can write it all down, reasoning, and find related chains. 
  • Manage Your Bankroll. This Dragon Tiger winning formula is aimed at extending the game session, as a consequence, the user can win more. Try to place small bets, and the best outcome will be the division of your amount into fixed small bets. As a consequence, the user will have more from the game bankroll, as well as not lose the entire amount in a matter of seconds.
  • Choose A Reputable Gambling Platform. Make sure the platform you choose to play the game has a license, as well as read the reviews about the platform. Such actions will help you to avoid cheating platforms and protect yourself and your funds.
  • Avoid following patterns. Do not follow patterns, because in each round of the zone Tiger and Dragon have equal chances to win, even if you have one zone won 6 or 7 times in a row, do not lead your strategy on this.

It is also worth mentioning that users can download Dragon vs Tiger tricks pdf from the official website to study strategies offline. In this document, the user will find the Dragon Tiger best trick.

How To Win In Dragon Tiger

how to win in dragon tiger

In order to win at Dragon Tiger, the user must guess which zone will score the most points. Points are awarded depending on the card. The higher the card, the higher the score. The Dragon Tiger win probability per round is 50 percent. In order to win more rounds and for the percentage of wins to be greater than the percentage of losses, the user needs to stick to some of the casino Dragon Tiger winning tricks described above. 

In addition, the user must read the rules, they are simple, but still the rules, according to which, the game is carried out. Below will be described in detail the rules and gameplay of Dragon Tiger. It is also worth noting that the user should not get upset if he loses and should hold his temper, and in cases where the user began to feel bad, he should stop the game.

Rules and How to Play the Game?

we offer our users a simple explanation of the game rules, which will help even inattentive users to understand the gameplay after the first reading. Even if Dragon Tiger is your first casino game, you will find it quite easy to understand.

Dragon Tiger is a table card game in which the user has several options for betting, namely 3:

  • Dragon;
  • Tiger;
  • Tie.

There are also other betting options, for example, you can bet on the suit or the exact number of points, as well as other bets.

The user has three zones on the table: Tiger, Dragon, and Tie, and the dealer deal one card each to the Dragon and Tiger zones. The user’s task is to bet on the specific zone where the points are higher. At the bottom of the screen, the user has the ability to see the history of the cards that came out. Matches in Dragon Tiger are very fast. As a consequence, you can play dozens of rounds in minutes.  

The game process is as follows:

  1. The user makes a bet on a particular zone;
  2. The dealer lays out the cards in the tiger and dragon areas face up so the player can see them;
  3. If the user correctly bets on a tiger or dragon zone, he gets a win of 1:1, in case of the user bets correctly on a draw, he gets 10:1.

In case the player bets on a zone that has fewer points, it is considered a loss and the player loses the bet amount. It is also worth noting that the lowest number of points has the ace card, and the highest number of points has the king card. The other cards have the number of points according to their number, etc.
Users should also not be mistaken, because of the simplicity of the game, many users relax and lose the opportunity to get big winnings. Therefore, it is worth remembering that in addition to simple rules, Dragon Tiger has many strategies that make the gameplay exciting and interesting. Find strategies and Dragon Tiger game-winning tricks in Hindi in the “profile” section.

Which Is Better For Winning A Mobile App Or Website?

Our game Dragon Tiger is very popular, because of its simplicity and interest, it can play anyone using a mobile app or the website of one of the following platforms:

  • Teen Patti Master;
  • Rummy Modern APK Game;
  • Rummy Gold Game;
  • Bonus in HobiGames;
  • Bonus in Teen Patti Joy;
  • Rummy Loot Game;
  • Rummy Nabob Game;
  • Teen Patti Gold;
  • Deity Game app;
  • Teen Patti Wealth;
  • Teen Patti Live;
  • Rummy Yes Game;
  • Teen Patti Badshah;
  • Rummy Wealth APK game;
  • Teen Patti Club;
  • Rummy Perfect Game;
  • Rummy Glee;
  • Teen Patti Bindass.

Users can also read Dragon vs Tiger tricks in Hindi in the apps above.

Bonuses and Promotional

Bonuses and Promotional

We offer our customers the to diversify the gameplay, as well as give them a chance to earn big winnings. This is possible thanks to bonuses and promotions, which can take advantage of all players. For example, all new users can get a welcome bonus immediately after registration as well as a bonus that allows you to get free cash on your account by simply logging into the application every day. 

We also have a referral system, which allows users to get a fixed amount of money for registering a friend through a referral link. In addition to this, users can get a percentage of the first deposit made by a friend of the user. Worth mentioning is the first deposit bonus, which will allow you to get up to 150% bonus money to your account.

Deposit and Withdrawal

In order to start playing for real money and win big winnings, the user must make a deposit. You can make a deposit by clicking on the button “Deposit”, which is located in the profile. In order to make a deposit, the user must do the following:

  1. Open the application;
  2. Press the “deposit” button, located near the balance or in the profile;
  3. Select the deposit method;
  4. Enter the amount;
  5. Fill in the necessary data;
  6. Complete the deposit.

To make a withdrawal, do the following:

  1. Open the application;
  2. Enter into your “Profile;
  3. Click on “Withdraw;
  4. Select your withdrawal method;
  5. Fill in your details;
  6. Enter the amount;
  7. Finish your withdrawal.

In order to make transactions in our application, users can use the following payment systems:

Payment systemMinimum deposit
PhonePe80 INR
MobiKwik100 INR
Bank transfer100 INR

The deposit is credited almost immediately after making a deposit, and the withdrawal takes some time. Therefore, users should not worry if after the withdrawal the money did not come. Usually, the withdrawal takes about an hour.


After analyzing everything, we can make the following conclusion that Dragon vs Tiger is a simple game with exciting gameplay, which is addictive for a long time. A nice bonus to the positive emotions is the winnings that allow users to earn and play at the same time.
A large number of different schemes and strategies make each round of Dragon vs Tiger not similar to the previous one and make the user try different Dragon Tiger winning tricks in Hindi every time he gets bored with the gameplay. This layout allows you to enjoy and win at Dragon vs Tiger for even longer.

Contacts and Customer Support

Dragon vs Tiger customer service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Therefore, if a user encounters a problem, he can ask for help using the following communication channels:

  • Email;
  • Online chat;
  • Messengers, and social networks.


  • Can I learn different strategies in the game itself?

    Yes, the user can discover the rules, strategies, and Dragon vs Tiger tricks in the game. The user can also play the demo mode to gain experience. We hope that after reading this, you won’t have any questions: Dragon Tiger how to win.

  • What is the minimum withdrawal amount for Dragon vs Tiger?

    The minimum withdrawal amount is 100 INR.

  • Can I make deposits using INR currency?

    Yes, users can perform various INR transactions.

  • Does the app support the Hindi language?

    Yes, users can choose between English and Hindi in the settings.