How To Play Dragon Tiger: Rules, Strategies, And Probabilities

A game that a lot of users play and has similarities to baccarat, and is also very easy to play – Dragon Tiger.  The rules of the game are very simple – you need to choose your stake size to choose to bet on the dragon, the tiger, or even a draw. With us in this game, it is important to bet on those that you get the highest card value of the two players than the opponent.  With us, the ace counts as the youngest (one), and all others as in poker – from 2 to 9, 10, J, Q, and K. 

It is worth noting that this casino game is very simple. There are plenty of different strategies, but a good one is to support the dragon or tiger. Though the payouts will not be the best, that is 1: 1, you will get half of your bet back if a draw happens. 

You can have different odds in this game: 46.26%, 7.47%, or 1.68%. These are the main ones, but there are also some extra ones. 

Basics of Dragon Tiger Game  

Many people want to get to the bottom of what the basics of Dragon Tiger are. To get to the bottom of this, we’ve created a table.

Highlights of the gameBasic nuances
Card deck featuresRegular – 52 pieces, without jokers and other signs
Shoe6 or 8 cards
Betting opportunitiesOn the dragon or the Tiger and is dealt one card each
The outcome of the gameDetermined only by the highest card, and what suit is caught does not matter
Card RatingsAce is the lowest, and the rest, as in poker – from 2 to 9, 10, J, Q, and K, where the king is the highest rated
What the game is based onThe Baccarat betting system and similar to a casino

What is Dragon Tiger? 

Our game Dagon Tiger is a very exciting game that is designed for the live casino. It is played on the table with only two cards and the round lasts 25 seconds. The beginning of the game is very simple: place your bet on Dragon or Tiger on the table and wait for the result. The most important thing is that you get a card higher than your opponent.

How to Play?

Many players wonder how to play Dragon Tiger on our website There is nothing complicated, and now we will tell you about it:


You need to create a bet on Dragon or Tiger, and put your chips on either option;


Next, the dealer’s job is to place one card each on the correct boxes on the table;


Wait for the result, when you know whose card is higher in rank and who won.

Dragon Tiger Winning Tips 

Now for a couple of tips for our Dragon Tiger game:

  • Betting a draw is a very risky option. Even assuming that your choice brings 8 to 1, the chance of winning is very low;
  • This game has no betting system; 
  • The easiest betting strategy is to bet on Dragon or Tiger. Their advantage is 3.73%;  
  • Counting cards to win will help you.

Dragon Tiger Game Rules

dragon tiger game rules

Dragon Tiger on has very simple rules and everyone can play it. That you too can understand them, we will tell you about them now:  

  • The player wins whose card is higher in rank; 
  • You choose between betting on Dragon, Tiger, or Draw when you play; 
  • The lowest ranked card is an Ace, and the other cards, such as a deuce, are the next lowest card, and the King is the highest card;
  • To win it is important that your card is higher than your opponent’s, and it is not affected by your suit;  
  • If there is a draw, both Dragon and Tiger get the same card. In addition, half of the bet you made will be taken away from you; 
  • The round lasts 25 seconds and already at the end of it the payment if you win.

Dragon Tiger Strategy 

Every player wants to win with us at and now we will tell you about it: 

  • It’s not a good idea to tie. It is best to bet on Dragon or Tiger.  The payout will be 1: 1, which is already good, and if it’s a tie, you also get half of your bet amount with a refund;
  • With additional side bets, we recommend that you don’t touch high or low bets, as 7 will void all bets. Better yet, create a bet on red or black, which is a 1: 1 bet;  
  • There aren’t any tricky strategies, so use what’s listed above.

Dragon Tiger probabilities

Recall the point that our dealer from deals with one card from the standard deck face up and the highest card wins. If a match happens, it’s a draw. If you created a bet on Dragon or Tiger and one of the ones you bet on fell out, you get a 1: 1 payout. If you happen to bet on a draw and win, you can collect your payout 11:1. If you lose, you lose your bet, and if you only support the dragon or tiger in a draw, you get half your bet back.

Game RTPs  

Now we will talk with you about regular and additional bets and their RTP and form it in the form of a table:

Betting optionsRTP
Draw (Dragon and Tiger cards will have the same value and the suit is not important) 89,64%
One-suit draw (Dragon and Tiger cards will have the same value and suit)86,02%
Side Bets – Suit86,02%
Side Bets – Big/Small92,31%
Side Bets – Odd/Even92,31%

Side Bets

side bets

Now let’s talk about our side bets: 

  • If your card is an eight or higher, Dragon Big and Tiger Big bets win. Well, losing happens at a seven or lower;
  • If you are dealt a six or less, small bets Dragon Big and Little Tiger win, and lose if it turns out to be a seven or more; 
  • The winning cards for Dragon Odd and Tiger Odd betting positions are A, 3, 5, 9, J, and K; 
  • Winning cards for even Dragon and even Tiger betting positions are: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q; 
  • No Dragon/Tiger odd/even number 7 is included in odd/even bets, and if it turns out to be a 7, all odd/even bets are lost;
  • Does not include in the Big/Small Dragon/Tiger bets the number 7, and if it turns out to be 7, all bets Big/Small lose; 
  • Don’t bet dragon vs. tiger in an extra game. You can bet on a basic Dragon bet and an additional Tiger Odd bet and vice versa. 

Bonuses and Promotional 

We offer various bonuses and promotions all the time, such as the welcome bonus to players. You go to our website, where you enter the required amount of money and get a bonus of 100% to get the welcome bonus. There are various other bonuses and promotions, which you will get to know when you visit our website

Deposit and Withdrawal 

To start playing with us, you need to make a deposit, and now we will tell you through which payment systems you can do it:

Online casinos in IndiaPayment systems
Google Pay and others

Withdrawals are made as follows: 

  1. Go to our official website; 
  2. Click on the “Withdraw” button;
  3. Then click on “Add bank account”;
  4. Register your bank account details;
  5. Click on the “Fill Out Withdrawal Form” button;
  6. Fill in all the required details and click “Submit”.


You can play with us at Live Dragon Tiger at an online casino in India, and the game is also available for iOS and Android. The apps are pretty much the same as the tabletop version of the game. As a result, you will have access to the same game elements. Our site offers you many games, and Dragon Tiger is one of the best.


  • What do I need to win often at Dragon Tiger?

    Don’t bet on a draw, then you have a great chance of winning.

  • What is the number of cards in Dragon Tiger?

    The game uses a regular deck of 52 cards without jokers or other signs. You will need 6 or 8 decks of cards to play.

  • What is the essence of the Dragon Tiger?

    The essence of the game is to predict whether the Dragon or Tiger will get a more valuable card and it will become clear who will win.

  • How to play Dragon Tiger?

    One card is dealt to the Dragon and the other to the Tiger on the table. The winning betting position has the highest card. It is your choice whether you want to play Dragon, Tiger, or Tie.