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Dragon Tiger Apps – Download Apk for Android and iOS

Casino table games are classics of all online gambling platforms. They are appreciated by both experienced players and beginners in this field. Dragon Tiger is a unique casino game, as it combines an easy concept, beautiful graphics, and many variations of the game itself. Moreover, thanks to the development of technology, you can find a huge number of applications. Therefore, now you have a great opportunity to play not only the classic Dragon Tiger but also with a live dealer directly from your smartphone. This is a great chance for those who are constantly busy with work or other things to play their favorite games at any time.

Best Apps with Dragon Tiger

Mobile casino applications are not only games but also excellent interfaces, profitable bonuses, and promotions, as well as huge winnings. However, there are quite a lot of them on the market, so it can be difficult for users to find a high-quality application where they can safely play at a casino. That is why we have compiled for you a list of the best Dragon Tiger apps, reliable and proven platforms where you can safely earn real money.

  • Teen Patti Gold;
  • Teen Patti Gold 2;
  • Teen Patti Live;
  • Teen Patti Master;
  • Teen Patti Joy;
  • Rummy Gold;
  • Rummy Deity;
  • Rummy Modern;
  • Rummy Perfect;
  • Rummy Nabob;
  • Rummy Wealth, etc.

What is Rummy Dragon vs Tiger?

Rummy Dragon vs Tiger is a card game where winning depends only on your luck and intuition. We can compare it with Baccarat since the Dragon Tiger is a simplified version of it. You can find this game on almost any Asian casino platform. This game is usually found in the table games section along with Poker, Blackjack, and Baccarat. Moreover, the rules of the game are so simple that you can win some amount the first time. Many platforms also offer demo versions of the game, in which you do not need to make money bets. This is a great workout for beginners who are afraid to play for real money.

All Rummy Dragon vs Tiger Game Apps List

all rummy dragon vs tiger game apps list

Here you will find the most popular casino apps with the Dragon vs Tiger game. It is important to pay attention to the suppliers with whom the brands cooperate, as well as to the number of variations of the game provided. Below you will also find more information about the applications.

Rummy Master: Best Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

In this application, you will find absolutely everything for a pleasant and profitable game of Dragon Tiger for real money. The application does not have any special technical requirements, so it downloads very quickly. Here you will also find hundreds of bonuses, including a welcome bonus for new users and a referral program.

Name of the appRummy Master
Welcome casino bonusUp to 155 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Red: Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

This application can without a doubt be called the best in the game Dragon Tiger. Because, despite the rather small welcome bonus, it is here that the gaming experience is very high, and the coefficients allow you to win many times more.

Name of the appTeen Patti Red
Welcome casino bonusUp to 195 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Gold: Dragon vs Tiger apk

This application is as similar as possible to the previous one since they are launched by the same company. Therefore, you can choose any of them that you like more visually because there is not much difference between them in terms of services and payments.

Name of the appTeen Patti Gold
Welcome casino bonusUp to 195 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Live: Rummy Dragon vs Tiger

This application provides a lot of opportunities for playing Dragon Tiger not only in its classical sense but also in a live format. You can not only increase the impression of the game but also earn a lot more. However, do not forget that these are all real money games and you agree to certain risks even during registration.

Name of the appRummy Live
Welcome casino bonusUp to 71 INR
Payment methodsBank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Happy: Rummy Dragon vs Tiger Game

Teen Party Happy is one of the most popular online casinos in the Indian gambling market. Thousands of users choose it for the Dragon vs Tiger game. Here you will find different game formats, great bonuses, as well as honest dealers.

Name of the appTeen Patti Happy
Welcome casino bonusUp to 20 INR
Payment methodsBank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Slots 777: Best Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

You can easily and quickly download this application and start playing right now! It is available on any device, so the operation of the application will be of high quality in any case. In addition, you can receive a small welcome amount of money, which will help you easily start your gambling career at Rummy Slots 777.

Name of the appRummy Slots 777
Welcome casino bonusUp to 70 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Deity: Dragon vs Tiger Game

This application will not disappoint you, because it is here that you will find the latest features in the Dragon vs Tiger game. The brand is constantly developing and trying to provide its users with only the best, so you definitely won’t miss a single fresh novelty.

Name of the appRummy Deity
Welcome casino bonusUp to 51 INR for new users
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Joy: Best Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

The Dragon vs Tiger game on this platform is the center of attention. You can find many variations of the game here, and you absolutely should try each one. And an excellent system of bonuses and promotions for new and regular users of the application will help you get the best gambling experience.

Name of the appTeen Patti Joy
Welcome casino bonusUp to 41 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Yes: Dragon vs Tiger Game

To get access to the huge casino gaming platform, you need to download the Teen Patti Yes app and create a user account there. Be sure to read the brand’s Terms and Conditions before starting the game to avoid unpleasant situations. You can easily start playing Dragon Tiger in this application thanks to the welcome bonus system.

Name of the appTeen Patti Yes
Welcome casino bonusUp to 41 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Dhan: Dragon vs Tiger Game

Rummy Drop is a relatively new Dragon Tiger app on the gambling market, but this in no way makes it worse. The application is very modern and we provide our users with the latest features in the casino world. As a new user of the platform, you can get a welcome bonus and then start playing your favorite game.

Name of the appRummy Dhan
Welcome casino bonusUp to 55 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Gold: Dragon vs Tiger

Rummy Gold is a smart application that allows users to play casino games directly from their phones in any convenient place. Here you will find many variations of the Dragon vs Tiger game from trusted and world-renowned suppliers, as well as hundreds of other casino games.

Name of the appRummy Gold
Welcome casino bonusUp to 51 INR for new users
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Yes: Best Dragon vs Tiger Game Rummy

Rummy Yes Dragon Tiger apk cannot be called the best provider of casino games, however, if we talk about the Dragon Tiger game, then here you will find quite good opportunities in the context of trusted suppliers, the ability to play in a live format, and much more.

Name of the appRummy Yes
Welcome casino bonusUp to 1155 INR for new users
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Teen Patti Fun: Best Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

This application has an excellent referral program, thanks to which you can invite your friends to the application and get a bonus amount for it. In addition, there are many other bonuses that will help you increase your winnings in the casino at times.

Name of the appTeen Patti Fun
Welcome casino bonusUp to 105 INR for new users
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Nabob: Best Dragon vs Tiger Rummy

Rummy Nabob is one of the best casino apps in its region. Here you will find classic board games, the latest interactive slot machines, and much more. Moreover, there are plenty of opportunities to play Dragon Tiger, as the brand cooperates with the most reliable gambling suppliers.

Name of the appRummy Nabob
Welcome casino bonusUp to 51 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Rummy Modern: Rummy Dragon vs Tiger Game

Rummy Modern is a great opportunity to play at the casino and earn quite large sums on it. After all, it is here that you will find the largest variety of casino games, live casinos, slots, and much more. Moreover, the platform pleases new users with a juicy welcome bonus that will help you make an easy start in the casino world.

Name of the appRummy Modern
Welcome casino bonusUp to 51 INR
Payment methodsUPI and Bank Transfer
Minimum WithdrawalINR 100

Table Screenshots

So that you can better immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the game and its features in different applications, below we have provided screenshots of Dragon vs Tiger. This way it will be much easier for you to make a choice and understand which application is right for you.

How to Download a Dragon Tiger Application?

To start playing Dragon vs Tiger from your smartphone, you need to download any of the above applications. Then you will be able to switch to the game literally in one click because the application will be on your work screen and you will not have to look for it anywhere. The Dragon Tiger game download rules for all applications are quite similar, so below you will find instructions for downloading the Dragon Tiger application for different types of devices.

How to For IOS

  1. Check the stability of your internet connection;
  2. Go to the App Store;
  3. Enter the name of the application you want to download in the search bar;
  4. Find the original app;
  5. Click on the download button;
  6. Wait for the app to download;
  7. As soon as you see the application icon on your desktop screen, start registering and play Dragon Tiger right from your smartphone!

How to For Android

  1. Make sure that your Internet connection is stable;
  2. Go to the Play Market app;
  3. Using the search bar, find the desired Dragon vs Tiger app;
  4. Download the Dragon vs Tiger apk;

After downloading the application, create your account and earn money in the Dragon Tiger game!

Supported Mobile Devices

The above applications do not require special technical specifications of your smartphone to download. Therefore, in any case, you can easily download the application to any device. The main thing is that the amount of free memory on your smartphone exceeds the total weight of the application. Then it will work more efficiently. Below you will find an approximate list of devices on which you can install the Dragon vs Tiger application.

Supported Android Devices

  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5;
  • Samsung Galaxy S5;
  • Samsung Galaxy S6;
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S2;
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab S;
  • HTC One E9;
  • HTC One E8;
  • HTC One M9;
  • HTC One ME;
  • HTC Desire 829;
  • Huawei P8;
  • Huawei Mate S;
  • Honor 6;
  • Honor 7, etc.

Supported IOS Devices

  • iPad;
  • iPhone 8;
  • iPhone X;
  • iPhone XS;
  • iPhone XR;
  • iPhone SE;
  • iPhone 11;
  • iPhone 12;
  • iPhone 13, etc.

How to Create an Account in Any of These Dragon vs Tiger Apps?

All casino applications have approximately the same registration logic. Most of them request the same information from users, as it is needed to protect user accounts and financial transactions in the application. We have compiled a general step-by-step instruction that is suitable for registration in any of the above applications Dragon vs Tiger.


Download the app to your smartphone;


Click on the “Sign up” or “Register” button;


Fill in all the empty fields with the necessary information;


Come up with a username and a strong password;


Enter information about yourself, such as email, phone number, country of residence, and more;


Be sure to specify the currency in which it will be convenient for you to make deposits and withdraw the amounts won;


Confirm that you are an adult user and agree to the Terms and Conditions of the brand in which you register;


Click on the button to create an account;


Now you can easily play any casino games directly from your phone!

Bonuses and Promotions at Dragon Tiger App

bonuses and promotions at dragon tiger app

Bonuses and promotions are one of the most enjoyable parts of getting a gambling experience. Bonuses help brands attract new users to the platform, as well as keep an already active audience. Moreover, bonuses and promotions are a means of increasing your winnings, and many of them help you play for free. Below you will find a brief description of the most common bonuses among online casinos.

Referral Bonus

The referral bonus is aimed at attracting new people to the app. You can share a referral link with your friends or acquaintances. If they register and also start playing on the platform, then you will receive a monetary reward. Some brands also provide bonuses for those who register using the link. Some apps also have a condition that your friend must wager a certain amount to get a bonus.

Welcome Bonus

Welcome bonuses and promotions have not been a novelty for a long time. Such bonuses are only available to new users after making their first deposit. Some brands offer whole packages of welcome bonuses designed for 3, 4, or even 5 first deposits. The bonus amount is usually a certain percentage of the deposit you have made. We advise you to use only those applications that have a welcome bonus in the list of promotions available to users.

In any case, you should carefully read the rules for receiving and wagering the bonus. Since many platforms cancel the bonus amount after a certain period of time.

Dragon Tiger Strategy & Tricks

The probability of your winning in this game is slightly less than 50%. This figure was obtained due to the presence of a bet on a draw. That’s why the only thing that can help you win is your luck. You can see hundreds of tricks for the Dragon Tiger game on the internet, however, none of them will be effective.

Deposit and Withdraw Methods

It is very important that the payment methods that are convenient and familiar to you, as well as the currency you use, are available in the application you choose. Then you won’t have to exchange money for another currency or register on another financial platform. Moreover, it is important that your transactions in the application are protected by modern encryption, only then all your data will be safe. Below you will find a table with Dragon vs Tiger applications and the payment methods available in them.

Dragon vs Tiger AppPayments
Rummy MasterUPI and Bank Transfer
Teen Patti RedUPI and Bank Transfer
Teen Patti GoldUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy LiveBank Transfer
Teen Patti HappyBank Transfer
Rummy Slots 777UPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy DeityUPI and Bank Transfer
Teen Patti JoyUPI and Bank Transfer
Teen Patti YesUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy DhanUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy GoldUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy YesUPI and Bank Transfer
Teen Patti FunUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy NabobUPI and Bank Transfer
Rummy ModernUPI and Bank Transfer

How to Deposit and Withdraw Money From Dragon vs Tiger?

All licensed gambling applications have approximately the same scheme of deposits and withdrawals. Therefore, you can use the general instructions on deposits and withdrawals from the Dragon Tiger applications compiled by us:


Log in to your user account or register;


Enter all the necessary data in the “My Wallet” section or another section with an adjacent name;


Click on the “Deposit” button;


Enter the deposit amount and confirm it;


To withdraw the won funds, click on the “Withdrawals” button;


Select the amount you want to withdraw and confirm the transaction.

What is the Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum withdrawal amount on most Dragon vs Tiger platforms is 100 INR.

What is the Maximum Withdrawal

The amount of the maximum withdrawal in casino applications depends on the payment method you choose.

What is the Minimum Deposit

The amount of the minimum deposit also depends on the payment system you choose. However, most often it is about 100-200 INR.

What is the Maximum Deposit

The maximum deposit is usually about 100,000 Indian Rupees, but the exact amount varies depending on the payment method. If you want to withdraw, for example, in cryptocurrency, then you need to specify the withdrawal amount in the casino application.

Is Dragon vs Tiger Apps Safe?

Absolutely all of the above Dragon vs Tiger apps are safe. Since all of them have a license and annually undergo international inspections. You will be able to safely play your favorite casino games if you familiarize yourself in detail with the Terms and Conditions of Use of the platform you have chosen.

How many games are Dragon vs Tiger?

Dragon vs Tiger combines dozens of different games. Many vendors provide such a game in the slots format. You can also find this game in a live format and play with a live dealer. Each of the available games will definitely bring you new experiences.


The opportunity to play at a casino from a phone is a merit of the development of technology and modern gambling platforms. Dragon vs Tiger apps allow you to immerse yourself in the Asian world in the format of your favorite card game, test your intuition and luck, and also earn a good amount of money. All the applications we have selected are proven online casinos that provide their users with the latest opportunities in this area. So if you are still sitting at your laptop, then you should try a more comfortable method of playing!

Dragon Tiger Contacts and Customer Support

If you encounter any problems in the game or during registration for the application, you should contact customer support. Most often you can contact them via live chat directly in the app, but do not forget that experienced casinos also provide a phone number and email as methods of communication with them. Moreover, on some platforms, you can find links to the brand’s social networks.


  • How much do Dragon Tiger apps cost?

    You can download all the applications listed in the article absolutely for free! You only need to make deposits in the app itself to play for real money.

  • What types of bets are available in this game?

    According to the rules of the game, you can bet on a Tiger, a Dragon, or a draw. The card whose rank is higher wins.

  • Is it possible to get multiple welcome bonuses in one app?

    Unfortunately, no. Each user has the right to receive only one welcome bonus. This condition must be met to ensure equal and fair play for all users of the platform.

  • What does playing with a Live Dealer mean?

    You can fully immerse yourself in the atmosphere of the casino by choosing a game with a live dealer. In such a game, you see a real card table and a real dealer on your screen.