Dragon Tiger Live Casino 

A game that so many users adore is Dragon Tiger. You have the choice of making four different bets: Dragon, Tiger, Draw, and One-handed Draw. Our game is played with a female dealer in a live casino studio and has a great broadcast for video footage. Dragon Tiger live casino is popular not only in India but around the world. And today you will learn about how to play it, what are the rules for the game, various bonuses, and a lot of interesting things.

The best Live Dragon Tiger casinos in India

the best live dragon tiger casinos in india

This game on our website dragon-tiger.in is very popular among players in India. We have analyzed all the best online Dragon Tiger casinos in India. We checked the variety of games, availability of major payment methods like UPI and Paytm, and more. And now we will share about the best Dragon Tiger online casinos in India: 

  • Casino Days. When you play with them you will see ten Dragon Tiger online tables and game providers Evolution, Ezugi, Habanero, One Touch, Super Spade, and eBET. With them you will find thousands of slot machines and very popular payment methods – UPI, Paytm;
  • Betway. This office is popular for its sports betting but also has a live casino. They have unique Live Bollywood tables as well as three Dragon Tiger live casino games from Pragmatic Play, Playtech, and Evolution. There is access to Hindi and English and has a great choice of payment methods;
  • Pure Win. This casino supports Indian rupees, has 4 native languages, and different payment options – Paytm, UPI, G-pay, PhonePe, and others. You can play on 2 tables, get bonus offers and have access to constant customer support.

What is a Live Dragon Tiger? 

Dagon Tiger is a very interesting game that you can play on our website dragon-tiger.in. It is played on the table with only two cards and the round lasts only 25 seconds. Any player will understand the game, you just need to create your bet on “Dragon” or “Tiger” on the table and wait for the result. The most important thing is that you fall out with a card older than your opponent.

How to Play Live Dragon Tiger

Many people want to start playing Dragon Tiger. Everything is very simple and now we will tell you how to play it:


You need to create a bet on Dragon or Tiger while putting your chips on whichever option you choose;


Next, the dealer puts one card each on the correct boxes on the table;


Wait just a short time for the result and then you’ll know whose card is higher in rank and who won.


The game Dragon Tiger on our website dragon-tiger.in is very easy to understand for every player. We will now tell you more about the rules:    

  • Whose card is higher in rank, the player wins; 
  • The highest-ranked card wins the player; 
  • Betting on Dragon, Tiger or Draw is your choice and you do it during the game;  
  • The lowest ranked card is an Ace, and the other cards, such as a deuce, are the next lowest card, and the King is the highest card;
  • If you want to win you must make your card higher than your opponent’s and it is not affected by your suit;  
  • Dragon and Tiger get the same card if there is a draw. Plus, half of the bet you made will be taken away from you;  
  • The round lasts only 25 seconds and already at the end of it the payment, in case you win.

Bet Options 

Every player wants to know about the options available at Dragon Tiger live casino and now we will tell you about the betting options at our website dragon-tiger.in: 

  • Dragon. RTP is 96.27%;
  • Tiger. RTP is 96.27%;
  • Draw (Dragon and Tiger cards will have the same value and the suit is not important). The RTP is 89.64%;
  • Single-handed draw (Dragon and Tiger cards will have the same value and suit). The RTP is 86.02%;
  • Side Bets – Suit. RTP is 86.02%;
  • Side Bets – Big/Small. RTP is 92.31%;
  • Side Bets – Odd/Even. RTP is 92.31%.

Payouts and Odds 

There are only 3 bets to be placed in Dragon Tiger: Dragon, Tiger, and Draw. The probability of winning Dragon Tiger is 46.26%. It does not reach up to 50%, as a draw is possible. And now let’s look at the payouts and odds in our game:

BettingHow to winPayoutProbability
DragonDragon gets the card with the highest value1:146.26%
TigerTiger gets the card with the highest value1:146.26%
DrawDragon and Tiger cards have the same value8:1/11:1*7.47% 

*Difference in the payout on a draw depends on the bet on the draw of one suit or not.

Best Live Dragon Tiger games

best live dragon tiger games

You have the opportunity to play Live Dragon Tiger on our website dragon-tiger.in from various real money game providers with a live dealer. The rules are the same as described above. At many suppliers, you can use game statistics, address the dealer, and create regular bets or additional bets. And now let’s talk about the best live Tiger Dragon games:

  • Live Dragon Tiger by Ezugi. The broadcast comes from Romania. The dealer takes 2 cards from 8 decks of cards;
  • Live Dragon Tiger by Evolution Gaming. The broadcast is from Latvia. The dealer takes 2 cards from 6 decks of cards. You can improve the game and predict the results of the round;
  • Live Dragon Tiger by Pragmatic Play. The broadcast is from Romania and has great live dealers.

Tips on How to Win on Live Dragon Tiger

Now you will learn some tips on our Dragon vs Tiger live game on our website dragon-tiger.in: 

  • Betting a draw is a very big risk. Even if it turns out that your choice will bring 8 to 1, the chance of winning is extremely small; 
  • This game has no betting system, so you should not invent anything;  
  • The easiest betting strategy is to bet on Dragon or Tiger. Their probability is 46.26%;   
  • Keep a close eye on the card count to have a better chance of winning.

Live Dragon Tiger Apps

live dragon tiger apps

We are currently developing for Indian players and creating on our website dragon-tiger.in its application, which will allow you there to download the APK file and gain access to casino games. It will be possible to play for users on iOS or Android. Also through our website will be possible to play from mobile devices. 

Dragon Tiger Strategy & Tricks 

Every player is interested in the strategy and Dragon Tiger Casino tricks of the game and we will tell you about them now:  

  • Don’t tie, which means don’t bet on a draw. It is best to bet on Dragon or Tiger.  The payout will be 1: 1, and if there is a tie, you also get half of your bet amount with a refund;
  • If there are additional side bets, we recommend that you do not take high or low bets, as 7 will void all bets. It is best to create a bet on red or black, which is a 1: 1 bet;  
  • There aren’t any tricky strategies developed.

Dragon Tiger Predictions & Patterns 

You can see the playing field with the drawing of the dragon and tiger on the interface. We cannot make you happy, because there is no magic in the Dragon-Tiger game, which will allow you to predict the game 100%. We advise you to be wary of those Indian players who allegedly found a real prediction on Casino Dragon Tiger.

Bonuses and Promotional 

Our website dragon-tiger.in constantly presents various bonuses and promotions, such as a welcome bonus to players. When you find yourself on our site, then enter the required amount of money and get a bonus of 100% to get a welcome bonus. There are various other bonuses and promotions, which you will know when you visit our website dragon-tiger.in.

Deposit and Withdrawal 

To start playing on our site dragon-tiger.in, then it is important to make a deposit, and now we will tell you what payment systems exist:

Online casinos in IndiaPayment systems
Google Pay and others

To withdraw your winnings, follow this algorithm:

  1. Go to our official website dragon-tiger.in; 
  2. Click on the “Withdraw” button;
  3. Then click on “Add bank account”;
  4. Register your bank account details;
  5. Click on the “Fill Out Withdrawal Form” button;
  6. Fill in all the required details and click “Submit”.


You have the opportunity to play Dragon Tiger at our website dragon-tiger.in an online casino in India, and the game will also soon be available for iOS and Android. You will have access to the same features. We are sure that Dragon Tiger is one of the best games.

Contacts and Customer Support 

Sometimes players create questions and to give them an answer we have created a support team. You can contact us in the following ways:

  • Online chat, which is the fastest way;
  • Email, in which your question can be addressed in more detail;
  • Social media.


  • What is the best tiger dragon hand?

    The payout percentage is 96.27% for both Tiger and Dragon.

  • What is the best way to play and win at Dragon Tiger at an online casino?

    The best way to win on Dragon Tiger is not to take a tie.

  • Can I earn real money at Dragon Tiger?

    Yes, you can. Many people are making good money thanks to the Dragon Tiger game.

  • What is the essence of the Dragon Tiger?

    The essence of the game is to predict whether Dragon or Tiger will roll a more valuable card.