Responsible Gaming

Protection Of Minors

All Dragon Tiger services are inaccessible to users under the age of 18. Dragon Tiger retains the right to request players’ age verification documents and to suspend a player’s account until the player presents documentation proving legal age.

Dragon Tiger advises parents or guardians to install a reliable filtering software system, such as (free) or an alternative like, to prohibit minors from accessing gambling websites as part of parental control or to enable self-exclusion when necessary (free trial).

Gaming Addiction

Gambling is a wonderful but at the same time harmless way to spend your free time on the Internet. The spreading of this type of entertainment has led to the fact that gambling has begun to cause addiction among those players who spend too much time behind them, as well as serious health problems. Under no circumstances will Dragon Tiger take on players or continue to do business with anyone who has a gambling addiction or other disorder related to gambling.

Thanks to its “responsible gaming” policy, Dragon Tiger can detect inappropriate user behavior. Its job is to calculate those customers who spend too much time at slot machines or behave disrespectfully to other users and employees. Next, it evaluates the situation and activates restrictions for the player.

An important policy factor is setting limits on accounts. These include spending limits, deposit limits, session time limits, etc. Each player has the opportunity to study the proposed limits and set their account limits. It is advised to take a break for temporary cooling between one day and six weeks if you are one of the gamers who is inclined to addictive behavior, encounters changes in your circumstances, or exhibits symptoms of mental illness.

User Self-Control

To understand how much you are prone to gambling addiction and to assess your involvement, you can take this test:

In addition, you have the opportunity to visit websites for additional information about virtual games and their harm in case of excessive use. One of these sites is:

Study these tips to understand how to control the game process and prevent disastrous consequences:

  1. In no case do not borrow money from anyone to gamble;
  2. In a state of stress or anxiety, do not try to drown out feelings with gambling;
  3. Take frequent rests or switch between other activities and gaming;
  4. Even if you are caught up in a failure in the game, do not forget: it’s just a game;
  5. Do not forget to set special limits for the game to control your account;
  6. Keep an eye on your gaming budget and rationally allocate funds;

User Self-Exclusion

When you self-exclude, you cannot open a new gaming account on the website, make bets or gamble on an active account, and/or deposit money.

The company advises using the voluntary self-exclusion option when playing the game stops being fun occasionally, turns into a daily fixation, and you are unable to quit.

We advise you to get in touch with our customer service department via live chat or email to let them know that you wish to cease using our website and all of its services for a specific amount of time as well as receiving marketing or promotional materials from the operator and its affiliates.

To cope with a terrible habit and pull yourself together, we strongly recommend that you contact the nearest center for helping people with gambling addiction and conduct a series of consultations with specialists. You can refer to the website, and be sure that they will help you.

Actions Of Casino Operators

If it turns out that one of the players ignores the rules of the site, behaves inappropriately, and communicates terribly with other users, then by the assessment of his actions and decisions of the Support Service, the company’s operators have every right to exclude the player by blocking his account.

Gambling-related problems require quick solutions and actions. That is why you can always ask for help from the Support Service, which will be happy to solve your issues.